• Doors

    Pneumatic door controls are often the most complex and costly rail carriage item to refurbish. We cover the installation, maintenance, and upgrades to rolling stock door systems, carrying out health check assessments, baselines, overhaul, component change, and more.

  • Systems

    We support major system installations and maintenance including driver/safety related systems. This includes LED lighting, seat sockets, ETCS, Test & Commission, Passenger Information Systems, WiFi, CCTV, Ethernet Backbone, Automated Passenger Counting, and Sanders.

  • Heavy Maintenance

    We have the right resources and project management teams to deliver the peak workload of a heavy overhaul. This includes management of spares, creation and application of VMI’s, component supply chain repair cycles and updates to manuals.

  • Refurbishments

    Refurbishing fleet interiors and returning them to their former glory. Tasks typically include an examination of units where needed or requested, leading to replacement, refurbishment, redesign or deep cleaning of all interior components.

  • Structural Repairs

    With assets required to perform longer and many changes to safety regulations, we deliver repairs and upgrades including initial engineer surveys, drawings, permits, cutting, and replacing structural sections of the vehicle.