With 20 years’ experience, Andy Walker has managed multi-billion-pound projects throughout the UK and internationally for rail operators and manufacturers, in both the public and private sectors. He brings proven experience of turning ideas and plans into operational reality, with a keen passion for the innovative use of technology, and data-driven decision making.

As Operations Director at TXM Consult, Andy oversees the execution of projects to ensure optimum delivery of the client’s requirements with the highest level of customer satisfaction, while ensuring business growth and operating efficiencies.

A key element of Andy’s work includes the development of appropriate contract and procurement strategies which align with the needs of the client. He has considerable experience of all types of acquisition methods from outright purchase to the more complex supply, maintain, and operating lease contracts, PFI and PPP type contracts with manufacturers and financiers. His strong leadership is recognised across all levels of the business, communicating effectively from the Boardroom to the shop floor.

If you’d like to know more about how Andy and the team can support your strategic operational needs, please contact us today.