Project Delivery Services

Bringing your vision to life.

Successfully implementing major transformational projects, programmes and portfolios using our methodology that covers the full lifecycle and is aligned to asset management principles and ISO standards.

Working and delivering across all transit modes and energy sectors, our experienced teams have delivered both large scale and multidisciplinary projects, programmes, and portfolios to drive and deliver agreed plans, goals and KPIs.

Delivering a Unified Vision

Through extensive operational experience combined with our own digitised project methodology we will help you realise your strategic vision.

Image of Success

Every stakeholder has their own definition of success. Our approach ensures all stakeholder requirements are aligned to form a combined ‘image of success’.

Project Maturity and Capability Assessment

Delivering the right result, every time. Does your project delivery team have the right capabilities to deliver success? We can support your existing teams in ensuring your methodology and project managers have the capability to deliver success.

Operational Project Management

Our team have a wealth of operational experience across multiple sectors which we combine to provide operational project delivery services. We understand, can manage and resolve the multitude of operational challenges that can present during the delivery of projects, programmes and portfolios.

Project Control and Monitoring

Our governance approach focuses on three key areas to achieve the objectives: structure, control and governance. Using data, we provide real time reporting and a analytics to allow the project team to make informed decisions during the project life cycle.

Transitioning Projects into Operational Service

Our focus is not only on the successful delivery of projects but their smooth transition into operational service and the associated benefit realisation.

Project and Asset Management

Our approach to project management is closely aligned to asset management principals, providing a true end to end lifecycle approach.

Benefit Realisation

The benefit management strategy is identified within the project lifecycle and not reviewed during operational service. TXM work with a client's post project completion to help monitor and measure the expected benefits.

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